Our Services

Moroccan experts in the study and implementation of irrigation and hydro-agricultural projects. COMATECH is specialized in the installation of greenhouses, nurseries, geomembrane ponds, irrigation equipment, drip ...

Our activity includes full assembly, repair, maintenance...

COMATECH is also an expert in study, monitoring and advice for the implementation of agricultural projects.

Customized irrigation systems

We identify the equipment and offer you the design adapted to your project according to your budget. In addition, we can repair or check your equipment such as pumps, valves, suction parts ...

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Installation of Greenhouses

COMATECH has extensive experience in the manufacture, installation and development of greenhouses. We work with our clients to provide a comprehensive solution adapted to their cultures and support them in their projects from start to finish.

Solar Energy

For irrigation in regions where the electricity grid is absent, solar pumping is the most suitable solution. This system allows significant savings compared to the use of a generator.

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Consultancy and strategic support

Our varied experience allows us to provide professional guidance, optimization and problem solving methodology appropriate to your projects.

We provide you with strategic support and supervision of your project from start to finish.

We approach each project with a scientific and methodical approach, we advise you in the choice of your material most suited to your project.

A Special After-Sales Service

Once the installation is complete, we will stay in touch with you to make sure that you will enjoy perfect irrigation for years to come, as part of our guaranteed after-sales service.

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